Material for Mask Production

Product Information

  • Category: Non Woven
  • Variant 1: Meltblown
  • Variant 2: Spunbond
  • Variant 3: Hot Air Cotton
  • Origin: Europe, Asia
  • Color Spunbond (ourside): On customer request
  • Color inside: white
  • Whidt: On customer request
  • Density: 20, 25, 30, 50 g/m2
  • Diameter: 500 or 700 mm
  • Project URL:

NaCl aerosole transmittance, parafine aerosol transmittance, breathing resistance and air permeability according to specification. The numerical values are mean values with tolerances due to normal production variations. Storage up to 24 months between -5 to +40°C at a maximum of 65% relative humidity. Changes in properties due to further processing or wear are not subject to warranty. Neither PPE Germany nor the manufacturer is responsible for compliance with regulatory requirements, especially when using the material for respirators.

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