Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for choosing masks from PPE Germany. Below you will find some frequently asked questions about our products. If you need any information beyond these FAQs, please feel free to contact us at info@ppegermany.de

  • Why PPE Germany masks?

    We protect your health. As a leading manufacturer of high quality FFP2 masks "Made in Germany", we take responsibility and make an essential contribution to a better and healthier future. Here are some advantages of PPE Germany masks at a glance: • Masks from domestic production • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 • Excellent filtering effect with low breathing resistance • Improved, comfortable fit • Super-light high-tech materials • Direct contact persons in Germany • and much more

  • Where do we produce our masks?

    As a German mask manufacturer, we at PPE Germany produce all our masks in Berlin, Spandau. We only use selected and tested materials from Europe.

  • How is an FFP2 mask produced at PPE Germany?

    We have been producing in Berlin, Spandau since the start of production in December 2020. Our modern machines and highly qualified employees have not stood still since then. In 8 exciting months from the idea to the start of production, 6 million masks per month could already be produced and marketed in the first expansion stage. This is achieved by highly motivated production staff in a 3-shift operation.

  • How long does it take to deliver FFP2 masks?

    PPE Germany stands for assurance in delivery and direct contact with partners. Due to our domestic production in Berlin, we offer a high degree of security in delivery. Depending on the order size and means of transport, our delivery time is 3 - 6 working days.

  • How do we guarantee the highest quality of masks?

    Since the beginning of 2021, we at PPE Germany have included a Palas PMFT 1000 in our family of machines. This guarantees continuous production monitoring. Thus, we reduce the risk of quality and reliability problems to a minimum. PPE Germany products also provide reliable protection because they exceed the strict test specifications of the European DIN EN 149. Furthermore they are CE-certified and offer uncompromisingly high product quality.

  • Why masks Made in Germany are better?

    PPE Germany produces masks in Berlin. That exceed the strict test specifications of the European DIN EN 149. Furthermore our masks are CE-certified and offer uncompromisingly high product quality. We create jobs, avoid unnecessary delivery routes and have direct contact persons in Germany. Our extensive domestic mask production is all about quality, delivery reliability, climate balance and above all, safety compared to products from China. Don't continue to depend on the Asian mask market and avoid unreliable and environmentally damaging supply chains. Secure your German mask products today at PPE Germany!

  • How to wear FFP2 masks correctly?

    Here’s a tutorial: Wash your hands before putting on the mask. 1. Orientate which side of the mask is up and which is down. 2. Put on the protective mask and squeeze the metal strip of the mask under the nose bone to make it fit the shape of your nose. 3. Pull the bottom of the mask down a little so that the mouth and chin are covered. 4. Check the fit of the mask for any air being drawn in. Check for any secondary air caused by facial hair. If necessary, adjust the fit until the mask is tight.

  • How long can you wear FFP2?

    75 minutes is the duration of use for an FFP2 mask without an exhalation outlet. According to the DGUV, the use can be extended to 3 hours for light work. A recovery period of 30 minutes is also recommended.

  • What does FFP2 stand for?

    FFP is short for "filtering face piece". FFP2 is a category 2 filtering mask. There’re 3 categories with different requirements. All FFP masks are respirators with a European standard.

  • What is the difference between a KN95 and a FFP2 mask?

    KN95 or N95 masks have been certified in non-EU countries: KN95 masks meet Chinese standards and an N95 mask meets American standards. Both masks meet similar standards to the FFP2 mask. However, the FFP2 mask must pass the EU's standardised testing procedures.

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