Mask types

What distinguishes the different types of masks on the market

Mouth-and-nose coverings (everyday masks) are usually made of commercially available fabrics and are intended for private use only.

Medical mouth-nose protection (MNS) such as surgical masks, surgical masks or medical face masks comply as a medical device with a clear test standard with precise requirements and must be CE certified.

FFP masks (particle-filtering half masks) are items of personal protective equipment within the scope of occupational safety and have the purpose of protecting the wearer from droplets and aerosols.

Our measurement laboratory

How our measurement laboratory for FFP2 masks ensures the health of our customers

The permanent assurance of our high-quality products is not only deeply anchored in our processes, but is also reflected in the choice of our equipment. Therefore, we use the latest generations of market leaders for both manufacturing and final testing through our filter testing systems.

Sedex & SMETA

High standards for our supply chain

In order to be fully informed about our entire supply chain, we do not only comprehensively audit existing quality management systems. The use of a thorough social audit by independent third parties gives us full insight into any business area at our partners' sites.

Quality Management Guidelines

Our new certification: DIN ISO 9001:2015

We are constantly striving to improve all of our processes. To do this, we follow a variety of stringently planned approaches based on seven principles of our well thought-out quality management. In the following, we not only present our new certification but also give an insight into our structured quality guidelines.

A strong Network

PPE Germany GmbH is a member of the Mask Association Germany

In order to ensure the continuous development of our production quality, we always network with other important players in the German production landscape of mask manufacturers. In the Mask Association Germany, we advocate for the interests of mask manufacturers in Germany.

PPE Germany GmbH

Caritas Workshops Cooperation

PPE Germany has made it to its mission to contribute to a better society in the future. This includes protecting health, but also supporting social institutions such as Caritas